Entrepreneurs to open dry cleaners location cheats

now is the winter, the weather has become more and more cold, at the same time, at this time to open a dry cleaning shop is a very good choice, the market has a lot of people to open a dry cleaning shop in preparation for a good location is very important for people.

A, near a large residential area. Laundry is mainly to provide laundry services for customers, so in the vicinity of the district will be more convenient. In the area around the laundry to consider two important issues: first, whether it is convenient for residents to go out and take home clothes, the price of the laundry and the district’s per capita consumption capacity matching? Although many shops in the neighborhood, but residents commute to go a long way to get to work, think generally are very nervous, no extra time to send clothes, while work is tired, too lazy to walk. So the location of the laundry is very important.

two, selection of factories, offices, business focus area. In large office buildings located in lots of laundry, mainly for the white-collar workers in these buildings. This group of people with higher wage income, work pressure, fast-paced life, in particular, pay more attention to the requirements of the laundry.

three, select the area near the station. Near the railway station, bus station is a gathering of passengers and passengers, but also suitable for the opening of shops. However, many of these complex consumer identity, more types. Generally more attention to the people will not casually give clothes to the laundry, so in these areas suitable for the establishment of middle and low laundry. Stations around the fixed personnel are mostly foreign workers, where the laundry must win by price.

four, near large clothing store. Choose popular shopping mall is also ideal for large shopping malls. On the one hand is because of the large passenger flow in the mall may increase the awareness of the shop; on the other hand, in the choice of location, there were many errors, think in the bustling shop can make money, but ignore the characteristics of laundry. The laundry is a relatively thin profit of the industry, and the downtown area will undoubtedly mean high rent, and there is fierce competition, this area is only suitable for those who have the distinctive features of the store development, its characteristic is commercial benefit, a relatively large amount of investment, return rate is very high, otherwise the high rent low profits, which the owners can afford?


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