How to effectively solve the problem of unsalable goods

any one shop, even if the business is good, it is impossible to each product can be sold, will have a certain unsalable goods. Moreover, small entrepreneurs often encounter slow-moving situation, this does not mean that you do not sell well, because entrepreneurs often have sales estimate too good, so it is very common for unsalable. But we have to consider is how to deal with unsalable goods, how to effectively solve the problem of unsalable products.


is slow-moving, not only related to product performance, quality, price, and product sales strategy, the shop sales methods are also inextricably linked. Consumers to buy a product, not only depends on the product’s brand, performance, quality, price, but also depends on the level of service entrepreneurs. Even if you have a high-quality goods shop, but if the improper sales, are also likely to slow. In order to solve the problem of poor sales, Xiao Bian summed up the following methods:

1: credit sales

this approach is to consolidate the old user based, actively looking for new users. The shop inside the product is slow-moving, troubled, but do not put losses onto users and consumers, and to further improve the sales and service work, establish a dedicated customer service image in front of the old and new users and consumers, in order to stabilize the old customers and attract new users.

2: processing and sales

in case of slow-moving situation, we can take the method of processing and sales of some products are unsalable, modification or processing according to the consumer intention, and then into the market, with a new look in front of consumers.

3: award sales

is very common in this way, through the purchase of certain incentives to stimulate their purchase of goods.

4: the sale of


for slow-moving products, entrepreneurs in the wash principle, timely price, to help consumers, selling unsalable products very effective method.

5: service sales

for some durable consumer goods or high technical requirements of the product, the implementation of free or paid services, in order to relieve the worries of consumers. Such as product installation, commissioning, maintenance, seminars, training courses, on-site technical advice to teach technology, for some products before and after the sale of one-stop service.

6: outlets sales

sales outlets in the larger scale of the development of the store can be used to require a reasonable network layout, is conducive to

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