mprovement of basic public services for floating population

according to "study" the development status of floating population in Qinghai province shows that the health of floating population in our province family planning basic public service improved significantly, showing the flow of population health records filing rate higher than the national average level, the awareness rate of health knowledge, maternal health management continues to expand under rate and children’s health care services, significantly enhance the level of family planning service coverage, Suiqian elderly free health examination is higher than the proportion of the gratifying results.

in recent years, the province’s floating population showed an upward trend year by year, in 2015 reached 541 thousand and 500 people. In order to obtain the same treatment of floating population, promoting social integration, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission in accordance with the "people-oriented, security, equality, gradually orderly principle, the floating population of basic public health service equalization work into the assessment of the target responsibility system, focus on the implementation of 6 basic public health family planning services. The proportion of floating population in the residents’ health records was 48.7%, higher than the national average. The health knowledge rate continues to expand, the floating population for STD / AIDS prevention, reproduction and contraception / eugenics and smoking control aspects of health knowledge were higher than the national average. Pregnant women pre pregnancy health examination, postpartum examination, postpartum home visits, hospital delivery rate increased. Children’s health care services significantly improved. Family planning services cover a wide range of local access to family planning services in the floating population increased year by year. The free health examination and follow-up of chronic diseases in the elderly were higher than that in the whole country.


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