Education to lay the foundation for the well being of children


– Wang Yubo education supervision of key construction projects – education projects to promote to speed the quality and efficiency of emancipating the mind – the wholehearted support of private education     "learning occupation technology education, master professional skills, the future employment channels, the children said right?" "On!" National and provincial government attaches great importance to the development of Vocational and technical education, to learn!" "Good!" On the morning of May 10th, the first vocational and technical school in Xining came a burst of hearty laughter. It turned out that mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the city and the children happy to talk to Wang Tongzheng.   the same day, Wang Yubo, Tong Wang and other key projects of education in our city. Wang Yubo stressed that the core of education is to lay the foundation for the future of each child’s happy life. Meet the needs of the people, in line with social needs, is the starting point of all educational work. Do the people’s satisfaction with the education, it is necessary to effectively plan a number, to promote a number of reserves of a number of educational projects.   morning to 9, Xining fifth relocation project construction site is a be in full swing scene. Wang Yubo stressed that the project for the children to do, do not allow the problem of Ding Ding, we must ensure the quality of the project, pay close attention to the progress of the project, for the next year in September 1st before the completion of delivery.   Beijing Normal University Xining experimental high school is a private capital investment in the construction of the school site in the project, Wang Yubo pointed out that the development of private education is in line with national policy, education needs and the actual situation in Xining, should pay attention to private education from the ideological height, wholehearted support for private education.   in the first Xining occupation technical school expansion project site, Wang Yubo stressed that the occupation education is the employment education, occupation education plays an important role in the development of education and the city’s economic and social development. The structure of vocational education should be adjusted and optimized with the adjustment of economic structure. We should vigorously develop occupation education, give each child a future can have proficiency in a particular line, dignity, decent enough to work.   from Qinghai Huangchuan middle school, two expansion project project to Xining special school relocation to Xining city in twenty-five light Wang Yubo campus, all the way to see the progress of the project, a road planning education project. Wang Yubo stressed the need to speed up the construction and progress of educational projects, both the needs of the development of education, but also the needs of urban construction and development. Education projects must be responsible for children, educational projects to promote the speed, quality, efficiency, not a project for several years. To seize the opportunity, through the implementation of educational programs, significantly optimize the education layout of the four districts and counties of three. To emancipate the mind, to support the development of private education. In accordance with the "demand oriented, expand the scale, optimize the structure, improve the quality of" four requirements, have the strength, quality and efficiency of the development of Vocational and technical education. To study plan first to popularize pre-school education, high school education, and ensure the two crucial achievements. To good planning standards for school construction projects, take measures to promote the city’s education faster and better development. &nbs;

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