Huangzhong three project to build a civilized Huangzhong

recently, Huangzhong county actively implement the county landscaping, lighting, landscaping, to create rouchard tourism town as the goal, to strengthen the construction of urban infrastructure and service facilities, efforts to enhance the county grade, comprehensive and establish a new image of civilization in Huangzhong.

invested 4 million 165 thousand yuan, the important sections of town street trees and Green Street renovation, the greening of the cultural square, Kumbum Monastery square and other important areas were planted, fast growth, strong adaptability and strong resistance of the green trees 236 thousand. Investment of 3 million 450 thousand yuan, in the West High Speed Road exit at the high level of the garden afforestation of 228 acres. Investment 17 million 610 thousand yuan, the implementation of the county’s main street pavement and ancillary facilities repair and renovation works. In accordance with the "highlight the regional national characteristics, the integration of modern architectural style" requirements, investment 15 million yuan, the implementation of the county part of the street facade renovation projects. Investment of 2 million 85 thousand yuan, to further standardize the street signage settings, focus on getting rid of all of the county set free traffic signs, signs, billboards and lost function of the bus schedule, telephone booths and so on, the implementation of part of the county along the street shops door plaque renovation project. Invested 32 million yuan, the new County farmers market. Invested 16 million 240 thousand yuan, the implementation of county sewage treatment facilities supporting pipe network project. Investment of 20 million yuan, the implementation of the Buddha Road parking lot project, build 106 parking spaces. Invested 1 million yuan, supporting the county’s main street sanitation infrastructure, set up the fruit trunk of the 198, the focus of the transformation of public toilets in the 5. At the same time, the county to carry out comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation activities, intensify law enforcement against littering, Jeeves, vehicle Luantingluanfang phenomenon, and focus on the management of construction site noise nuisance, dust and construction waste pollution problems, and constantly improve the overall image of the county. (author: Ge Wenrong)

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