Seriously implement the new policy of maternity insurance to ensure timely access to maternity insur

The new policy of maternity insurance for urban workers in our city was formally implemented in September 2012

new policy of urban and rural workers maternity insurance from September 2012 formally implemented. In order to implement the new birth insurance policy, the new policy to seriously study the Bureau organized relevant personnel, standardize and unify the birth insurance business rules and operating procedures, comprehensive, rich printed promotional materials more than 2 copies, and published a notice in the newspaper, in the publicity column posted substantial publicity release, multi-channel propaganda of family the new insurance policy.

The implementation of the new policy

the maternity insurance, medical insurance for workers to take the same binding way of collection, in 2012 September after the medical expenses of family health care workers, relying on the network, using the DRGs, directly in the hospital settled through the IC card of the medical insurance, to ensure the settlement network unimpeded. At the same time, for the 2012 1-8 month maternity insurance benefits paid daily manual work smoothly, avoid the occurrence of arrears phenomenon, my bureau promptly issued a new deal declaration, is to declare the process and requirements are explained carefully, continue to work steadily, significantly improved the efficiency of audit reimbursement. So far, a total payment of maternity insurance fund more than 560 yuan, more than and 700 insured workers enjoy maternity insurance benefits, guaranteed the 2012 1-8 month birth treatment reimbursement work smoothly, ensure timely workers enjoy maternity insurance benefits.



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