Safety supervision work into a new phase of the Xining Municipal Bureau of safety supervision was es

December 18th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of safety supervision was established, the Council from the Department to adjust the management of the municipal government departments, marking the city’s production safety supervision and management has entered a new stage.

Xining City Safety Supervision Bureau will assume our city safe production supervision and management responsibilities, exercise the comprehensive supervision and administration of production safety supervision and assessment authority, control the implementation of the indicators, guidance and coordination of the work of production safety, and establish and improve the long-term mechanism of comprehensive supervision and Industry Supervision joint law enforcement, severely crack down on illegal behavior, to further standardize the production and operation of enterprises, increase the hazard investigation efforts, effectively prevent and resolutely curb over large production safety accidents, reduce the general total accidents and casualties, to consolidate and promote the production safety situation in the city is improving steadily.


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