West the transformation of the farmers market to bring new changes to the lives of the people

each livelihood projects and policies are closely related to people’s lives. 2013 is about to pass, in this year, the West District of Xining City, a number of concerns about the "basket" of the people’s livelihood has brought new changes in the livelihood of the people.

bright environment, neat booth, clean floor, in the West District of Xining City, "Ma sister-in-law" who is like buying food into the supermarket, don’t worry about the street markets dirty and messy, noisy crowd". If there is any doubt to buy vegetables, can be used to the detection of pesticide residues in the vegetable market. Comprehensive upgrading the farmers market, let people applaud.

The West District of Xining City,

has the most concentrated in the province of agricultural and livestock products in the consumer market and logistics trading platform, as everyone is indispensable, every day can not be missing "important city public infrastructure," food basket "the main supply channels, West District farmers market transformation and upgrade, reflects our province farmers market the direction and trend of development.

bright neat clean, standardized construction win popular

in recent years, with the continuous development of urbanization, the diversification of the main market investment and the growing demand for quality of life, there are many contradictions and problems in Xining agricultural market. To this end, Xining puts forward the upgrading and relocation of farmers market, the West District of Xining city in accordance with the standards of standardization in the construction of the farmers market, farmers market under the jurisdiction of the upgrade, Xing Hai Lu Xin Hua Xiang Jia small farmers supermarkets, farmers market, Xining Pengcheng farmers market has been built and put into use. Bright trading hall, clean public toilet, vegetable area, fruit area, deli, aquatic products, meat, non-staple food area, dry bean products, improve the function of fresh district area, has been put into operation, high quality and inexpensive on integrity and business strategy gradually won public recognition.

"on the road outside the district is full of hawker stalls, underground sewers, leaf litter, shuttle vehicles, there is a big security risk. Now move into the closed market, like shopping into the supermarket, bright, clean, safe, warm and comfortable." Jia Xiaozhuang district many households, the new farmers market has a very high evaluation.

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Xing Hai Lu agriculturaltrade supermarket manager Ma introduced, upgrading the farmers market to pay attention to details, the overall pattern of the market layout, booth layout classification and garbage treatment facilities set, small electronic scales unified with the ingenious design of the counter, do convenient operation and people shopping operators. Standardized farmers market construction and renovation of the West District, in the hardware infrastructure has improved significantly, the reasonable layout, surface clean, spacious, smooth drainage channels, good ventilation and lighting, and set up a bulletin board, desk, some markets have also set up a fair balance, health, quality inspection, industry and Commerce departments to strengthen the market regulatory monitoring. Food access and market management system is also more stringent, the quality and safety of goods has been effectively protected.

convenience Huimin Huimin, stabilize things;

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