Xining difficult workers to help the center to promote the work of fine service

Xining City Federation of trade unions of helping poor workers center was founded ten years ago, the aid as the implementation of the maintenance function, as an important starting point for the party and state, the difficulties workers to work, to build a "rescue, protection, service" three-in-one helping work pattern, and constantly enrich the carrier, broaden the field, good deeds.

in the four district, three County Federation of trade unions to establish a comprehensive center for helping poor workers, liaison in the establishment of the 21 district offices, 49 towns, 135 communities, 341 enterprises helping poor workers stand and help to form the city and district (county), the three level network system of the grass-roots trade union work to help. As of now, the family per capita monthly income of less than 400 yuan or 400 yuan, and due to illness, children’s education, the accident caused 17630 workers of family life difficult, all difficult to establish employee files, enter the national trade union assistance system.

help center set up a difficult rescue, policy advice, legal aid and other services window, will help the work by waiting for service to expand publicity, social oriented, proactive service change. Outstanding assistance, protection, service, strive to build a set of difficulty helping, legal aid, employment services, living assistance in one of the help system, and gradually formed a "spring send post, send cool in summer and autumn, winter warmth send student" normal work mechanism.

trade unions at all levels of the initiative to report to the local Party committee, held a joint meeting with the government at the same level, for the party and government to help and support the work of the trade unions, to lay the foundation for the union to improve the level of relief. With the human, social, judicial and other departments to establish a joint letter calls for workers to handle linkage mechanism, strengthen the role of trade unions in resolving labor conflicts, stable labor relations. Through the mobilization of social donations, organize cadres and workers difficult knot of formal equivalence, and actively carry out social assistance effect.

helping workers to help open online rescue green channel, through the online application for relief, after helping the center audit, timely assistance to help further improve the efficiency of the rescue assistance. Up to now, through the green channel and other forms, a total of 450 workers (including migrant workers) to provide medical assistance, payment of relief funds 934 thousand and 800 yuan. For the 2137 difficult workers or their children to provide employment assistance, aid funds of more than 247 yuan. Provide legal advisory services for employees 343 people (Times), legal aid closed down from the 20, to restore economic losses of more than 129 yuan.

to further enhance the "student" of the results, this year, the Municipal Federation of trade unions for the entire relief to the poor workers their children to college, by the district (county) union recommendations and assistance center survey identified 18 poor children of working families, every year to give 3000 yuan grants. To carry out the golden autumn student activities eight years, all levels of trade unions issued a total of $5 million 664 thousand to help students to help the children of the difficulties of college students dream of a circle of 2729. (author: Ye Wenjuan Song Fang)

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