Xining small and medium manufacturing enterprises will be standardized

in recent years, as the city’s "news", "year" and other work carried out, large enterprises in Xining city can be standardized development, meet the requirements of environmental protection, however, some small and medium-sized production and processing enterprises pollution emission behavior still occur. In order to guide the healthy development of these enterprises, and promote the continuous improvement of environmental quality, and create a more livable urban environment, the city will start this month to carry out a period of 18 months of small and medium enterprises standardized production and processing work.

It is reported that

, the standard object of remediation work including the district within the country, provincial control of key industrial enterprises, all of the following scale engaged in production and processing operations, there are small and medium-sized production and processing enterprises pollutant emissions (excluding Xining economic and Technological Development Zone and Industrial Park), from May this year to October next year. During the renovation of small and medium-sized enterprises will be severely punished illegal behavior, without obtaining a business license, unlicensed operation will straighten out; in the presence of illegal land use shall correct the illegal acts; for not supporting the construction of pollution control facilities shall be standardized or clean up the ban on finishing; serious pollution or serious illegal acts will be severely punished for; the procedure is not complete, will be retained to regulate the development of corresponding formalities; the removal or idle pollution control facilities without authorization Shall be severely punished; for the implementation of the "coal to gas" conditions will be the deadline for natural gas production enterprises of wastewater renovation; untreated standards are to eliminate the direct discharge of the waste residue;, garbage will be investigated and rectified, and to prohibit illegal grass-roots units or individuals to provide SMEs for land leasing, in order to promote the construction of small and medium-sized enterprises in three counties and four districts of the city’s entrepreneurial park. (author: 1)


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