Kang Nan Area in September there is a new school

Kang Nan area is in my city south mainly focus on the construction of low-income housing a large residential area, with the large number of low-income housing construction area and other surrounding the completion of a residential area, the area formed a large school pressure. This reporter recently learned that the area has finally been able to accommodate more than a thousand students in primary schools – Kang Nan primary school, the primary school is stepping up its construction, in the fall of September 1st this year, the school can be completed delivery.
it is reported that with the expansion of city of our city to improve the implementation of the strategy and accelerate the transformation of the old city, Nanshan Road East extension has been through, on both sides of the road planning and construction of resettlement area gradually, of which the city security construction project of a batch is completed, at the same time, the surrounding residential area or other construction built or are wildly beating gongs and drums in…… The implementation of the New South primary school project, to meet the Kang south area basic education development needs, ensure the south area of the new residents Baokang children can learn, learn well, effectively alleviate the growing pressure from the region.

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