Fu Yang Dahua ndustrial Park opened

During the city fair, there are foreign businessmen to visit the main features of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau Qinghai Tibet Plateau Industrial Park project. September 19th, Fu Yin Dahua origin of the Qinghai Tibet plateau characteristics of the industrial park and the groundbreaking ceremony was held in Huangyuan. Municipal Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, United Front Work Department Su Rong, municipal committee, vice mayor of and Huangyuan county leaders attended the ceremony.

it is reported that Fu Yin Dahua "Tibetan plateau characteristics of origin industry gathering park is relying on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau rich agricultural resources and cultural tourism resources, gathered in the park gathering, production market, focus on creating processing, display, sales experience, integration of the Tibetan Plateau origin characteristics of the industrial chain, modern agriculture, modern industry, modern service industry and promote the innovation mode of O2O, one or two, three integration and development. The park gathered a total area of about 324.18 acres, the project covers high-tech bio Industrial Zone, food processing area, agricultural products deep processing zones, science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship incubation area, Qinghai Tibet specialty products trading area, modern logistics area, Qinghai Tibet Ethnic Cultural Tourism Creative entrepreneurial area including the seven function Park and modern Information Center Foundation facilities.  

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