Xining four energy saving projects included in the national incentive plan

day before the plan issued by the implementation of the national development and Reform Commission in 2012 the national energy-saving technological transformation project financial incentives. Project of #2 unit declaration by the Xining Municipal Economic Commission Organization Huadian Datong Power Generation Co. Ltd., Qinghai Yihua chemical industry limited liability company carbide exhaust gas recycling and energy saving reconstruction project, Qinghai plateau special silicon industry limited company furnace flue gas recycling energy saving project, Xining Special Steel Co furnace sintering, slag water heat recovery projects four energy-saving projects. Included in the national financial reward plan. According to the plan, after the completion of these projects in 2013, the annual savings of 122 thousand and 200 tons of standard coal.

it is understood that in order to speed up the pace of energy-saving, Xining city set up "" 12th Five-Year "during the energy saving work opinions", put forward to accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, strictly limit the high energy consumption and high pollution industry development. In order to implement the "Shuangbai" industrial action as the focal point, to speed up the development strategy of the development of emerging industries, and gradually increase the proportion of new industries in the industrial structure, create new advantages of Xining industry. At the same time, speed up the transformation of traditional industries and structural optimization and upgrading, vigorously develop the circular economy and the park economy, and promote the process of industrialization. With the guidance of the state industrial policy, we should strengthen the management of industry admittance and strictly restrict the development of high energy consumption and high pollution industries. High energy consumption, high polluting industries to strictly implement the national and provincial macro-control policies, strictly control the total, involving high energy consumption, high pollution of new projects will not be approved, approved and filed. Focus on the use of energy companies to focus on activities to determine the industrial energy consumption accounts for about 20 households in Xining City, the choice of domestic and foreign enterprises in the same industry as a benchmark to carry out energy benchmarking activities. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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