Xining took out the greatest efforts in the history of pollution control

in order to control the air quality, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released Tianjin atmospheric governance rules; Beijing took the greatest efforts in history, in the next five years, will be in the air pollution control, the whole society to invest nearly trillion yuan of funds. Similarly, in order to give people, descendants of the people’s livelihood good papers, Xining city also took out the maximum intensity of the history, dare to head of courage and determination, strike out a comprehensive air pollution control, 36 departments and units to form a comprehensive air pollution control work leading group, formed the linkage, together tube, joint participation, and comprehensively promote the work situation.

poor of pollution control will be accountable for

the morning of September 25th, the Xining Municipal Supervision Bureau, municipal office staff appraisal accompanied by the person in charge of the West City Environmental Protection Bureau, the Nanshan Road, Liyuan area construction site, Chaoyang Village demolition site, Wanda Plaza construction site, Xichuan road and other places to carry out unannounced visits. It is understood that these areas, some construction units for dust control measures are not in place, resulting in two dust outburst, therefore, the comprehensive management of air pollution leading group issued a rectification requirements of some units and departments, but in Liyuan area construction site reporters to see, although the road was watering dust, but the residue field the road is not hardened, also did not build roads into the mouth washing platform. At the same time, the building of the village back to the building of the rectification requirements for a section of the road hardening, and the door of the road was covered with thick dust, vehicles passing, still can bring dust. Municipal Supervision Bureau official said they would urge the responsible unit to implement the responsibility to perform their duties, for some often do not implement the responsibility of the unit, will be held accountable. City assessment office said, will further increase the assessment efforts, do not attach importance to the work, buck passing, slow action, affected areas and units overall situation of the city’s comprehensive management of air pollution, early warning notification, and deduct the corresponding performance evaluation score.

law enforcement violence against law

comprehensive treatment of air pollution is a need for the whole society to participate in the big project, but the individual illegal enterprises have received rectification notice, refused to rectification, and conflict with law enforcement officers. Luminlite commercial concrete, two dragon commercial concrete concrete mixing station is located in the village of the two water Nanchuan Road, enterprises in the production process of transportation, not only do not according to the provisions of the enclosure, to wash the sand out of the vehicle, there is no way out of the vehicle caused hardening, road dust is serious in this area. Reporters on the scene, the road here is 2 inch thick dust, even the roadside trees are "gray", is also stirring on the two concrete Voices of discontent. The surrounding residents, some residents told reporters, out of the vehicle will not only destroy the road, and let the dust, let them be a sunny soil, wet mud. For these two companies, the City Environmental Protection Bureau within 1 months of continuous rectification notice issued by the two, the other did not require rectification. September 25th morning, the City Environmental Protection Bureau, the City District Urban Management Bureau of joint law enforcement, so that the two companies to stop Sinotrans, law enforcement process, the City District Urban Management Bureau staff are more;

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