The north region of fourteenth juvenile military summer camp

July 11th 16 PM, north of the city zone fourteenth juvenile military summer camp opening ceremony in our city a garrison culture center was held, military leaders, deputy party secretary Jiang Lanzhi, the district education and training teachers, instructors and 138 students from the school district to attend the opening ceremony.
the solemn "Chinese people’s Liberation Army", the host announced the opening ceremony officially began. The District Education deputy party secretary Jiang Lanzhi made a mobilization speech brief opening, raised hope and explicit requirements for new students, I hope the students are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired, listen to the command of all actions, serious training. Through training, enhance the spirit of unity and cooperation, in this big family, camp collective, further experience and feelings of solidarity, cooperation, mutual help and caring atmosphere in the barracks cauldron learning many school classroom, not to go to school. At the same time, we hope that the students will show the contemporary students should be optimistic about the upward and the more difficult the more forward the spirit, hard work, and strive to forge ahead. Then the participants also expressed their determination. Military training instructors speech is full of encouragement and Expectation: he hoped that the students to their own high standards and strict requirements, more attention to others, love to support training outstanding students to show North style! Finally, the leadership of the army to the new students and instructors made a mobilization of training, and reiterated the purpose and significance of the event. Deputy Secretary Jiang Lanzhi and trainees were the flag ceremony, "three in the discipline eight note" the music of young military summer camp, which lasted nine days of military life officially kicked off.


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