West District held in 2012 tourism promotion

May 25th at 9 in the morning, West District, tourism promotion in west district government in the right side of the small square held in 2012

5 at 25 am on the morning of 2012, West District, tourism promotion will be held in the west side of the government in the small square on. The event focuses on strengthening exchanges and cooperation among tourism enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. A total of xiadou Qinghai Tibet Tibet Pavilion building, the holy land, Tibet travel, Xining wildlife zoo 25 tourism enterprises in more than 800 copies of promotional materials.

west district is based on scientific research, culture, education, communication center, regional modernization set of financial, trade and tourism as one of the garden civilized city, Xining city is an important tourist center and tourism service area. My existing Qinghai Provincial Museum, Xining wildlife zoo scenic spots 5, Yin Long Hotel, Qinghai hotels and five-star hotel 10, 66 travel agencies, star of rural tourism is one of the 4 points, Xining city is rich in tourism resources, tourism areas with high cultural taste.

in recent years, the rapid development of the tourism industry in the West District, the ability to significantly enhance the reception service. By the end of April, the tourists 586 thousand and 800 passengers, an increase of 19.16%; the total tourism income of 510 million yuan, an increase of 16.49%, achieved a rapid and orderly development of tourism health.



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