Huangzhong with the Lantern Festival venture investment contracted funds 1 billion 965 million yuan

In February 24th, held the "2013" Lantern Festival "economic and trade activities and investment projects in Huangzhong County, the signing ceremony, Qinghai new energy Co. Ltd, to extend the neutral Qinghai industrial real estate development Co. Ltd. and other 6 companies and Huangzhong County signed a number of related to tourism, urban construction, culture and other areas of the project, contracted funds totaling 1 billion 965 million yuan.The signing of

including Pakistan Huangting spirit · industrial city construction projects, with an annual output of 300 thousand cubic meters of methanol gasoline (diesel oil) modulation center project, natural gas pipeline networks and supporting DOPA metro station construction project, Qinghai Tibetan culture collection village construction projects, an annual output of 500 thousand tons of new water mud composite materials production project, Qinghai Fengrun thousand head of cattle the breeding base construction projects, signing and implementation of these projects will accelerate the adjustment of economic structure of Huangzhong County, the expansion of the total economy has played a positive role in promoting. (author: Ma Biao)


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