National Key Laboratory of ecology and plateau agriculture and animal husbandry in Sanjiang

  in July 13th, the Ministry of science and technology, the provincial government to build the source of Sanjiang ecological and plateau National Key Laboratory of agricultural and animal husbandry opening ceremony was held in Qinghai University. Vice Minister of science and technology Hou Jianguo, vice governor Cheng Lihua attended the opening of the laboratory. As a result, Qinghai University has achieved a breakthrough in the State Key Laboratory, but also achieved a historic breakthrough in this field in Qinghai.


laboratory will be based on the national ecological strategy, scientific research and major problems in the construction of ecological civilization, serving the regional economic and social development, training and the establishment of a scientific research and technology development in the field of long-term domestic and foreign research team, through the integration of resources, innovation and cooperation mechanism will gradually open, laboratory construction a training base for the research base of distinctive features, the international first-class, has the ability of original innovation and high level talents. At the same time, to develop in line with the actual Qinghai ecological, can objectively reflect the ecological status of development and planning, a major bottleneck problems effectively solve the construction of ecological civilization in the process, finally to explore a line with the actual Qinghai ecological civilization development road.

at present, Qinghai University has set up a laboratory to complete the chief expert research team, providing 15000 square meters of laboratory space for the laboratory, supporting construction funds of $38 million 900 thousand. The laboratory also formed a partnership with the State Key Laboratory of water and sediment science and water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, Tsinghua University, in the construction period for the laboratory invested 1 million yuan per year.


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