Open the right prescription blunt scar

Xining city focus on the four winds problem without deviation, face the reality that "problems", the strict requirements of singing "bad cop" by pulling the "list", open the "prescription", exposing the symptomatic blunt "Scar", not hesitate to promote the rectification, has achieved "get instant result" effect, so that the people truly feel the new changes to bring the education practice.

"expose the problems facing reality". In accordance with the requirements of not empty, not biased, not empty, to reflect the leading cadres four winds and the immediate interests of the people involved, to identify the crux of the problem, determined to punish. Court system of individual judges in the trial of a property ownership dispute case, forged the defendant Ding Mou, Hemou signature, fingerprint, served for six years did not serve the verdict. The situation found in the investigation of problems, city court afraid Jieduan bright ugly, Li Li line change, resolutely correction on the parties are serious organization. As of now, the municipal leadership has to find out the existence of the four winds issues 63, 199 aspects of work, accept the mass petition 17, gone through 11, so that the people feel the new changes brought about educational practice.

is the wind Su Ji "action". Focus on the masses around the style, identify points in addition to the four winds". Aiming at the existing problems in the use of official vehicles, take the focus of inspection and random combination, the special inspection of high density of food stores and entertainment places, tourist attractions such as the leading cadres in marriage, children, the bus started all-weather driving violations of supervised learning. At the same time, to carry out "serious work discipline, improve the ability to perform" special rectification action to eliminate the four winds problems of heavy. Has 26 people were accountable, 6 party and government discipline, criticized 9 people, admonishing conversation 6, warning interviewed 5 people. Initially solved the discipline relaxation, the efficiency is low, the implementation is not in place, the implementation is not complete, the work is not in place phenomenon.

"zero distance services masses". Adhere to the problem oriented, from the solution of small things, to respond to the demands of the masses. Leading cadres at all levels to take the lead to open the door to engage in activities, get out of the office building, into the township (street), the rural community, to carry out small seminars, visits to "," face to face "solicit" not satisfied ".

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