Xining airport throughput growth in the forefront of the country

According to

recently Chinese Civil Aviation Administration announced the "civil aviation development" 12th Five-Year "planning mid-term evaluation report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"): "since 12th Five-Year", the rapid development of civil aviation, the Xining airport passenger throughput rapid growth, annual growth rate of over 20% in the forefront of the National Airport growth. This reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission in December 31, 2013.

"report" released at the same time, the airport construction achievement strikings, the New Regional Airport "in the construction of 21, 19 completed the project, including the province of New Regional Airport in building 3, including Delingha, Guoluo, Huatugou airport, the 3 airports have been completed the project.

"report" to adjust the national civil aviation planning. Qilian Airport in the province to carry out preliminary research projects to adjust to the construction of the project, Qinghai Lake, Huangnan airport adjustment for the pre research projects.

according to reports, the province during the "12th Five-Year" new airport projects reached 4, Delingha, Huatugou, Guoluo, Qilian Airport; airport expansion project 1, to carry out preliminary research on the airport to Golmud Airport; 2 projects, including the Qinghai Lake and the Huangnan airport, the basic realization of the provincial government to determine the "12th Five-Year" the airport construction planning.


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