Ten thousand cadres into the corporate services and help story immediately do solve the difficultie

May 25th at 8:30 in the morning. As soon as goes to work, Xining "immediately does" the office staff to be busy to open. Statistical classification of enterprises to reflect the problem, discuss the supervision measures to coordinate the relevant units to solve the problem, the office of a bustling scene.

10 o’clock, "right away" office integrated group leader Wang Guoping led the steering group, the advocacy group staff rushed to the Huangyuan County Qinghai Jiyou Huangyuan vinegar industry Co. Ltd., this is mainly to solve the problem of land for expansion of production.

, as the leading enterprise of Xining agricultural and animal husbandry industrialization, the company has developed continuously in the past ten years, the existing scale of production has been unable to meet the market demand. However, the proposed expansion of land for woodland, does not comply with the existing land use master plan, can not be submitted in accordance with the city’s batch of land for approval.

10:50, Wang and his party arrived at the company. Huangyuan County Land Bureau, the housing construction bureau, the relevant person in charge of the Economic Bureau has been in place. The head of the Huangyuan County Land Bureau to respond to the document sent to the person in charge of Kyrgyzstan Zhang Youji, and coordinate the relevant departments to solve the problem on the spot.

just a few days ago, the province opened the adjustment of land use planning, through our county land linked to changes in your plan, plans to expand the land was listed as the county linked to the construction of New District tenth plots, schemes have been reported in May 20th the provincial approval. That is to say, land targets have been implemented, you follow the procedures on the line." Huangyuan County Land Bureau official explained to Zhang Youji.

heard the news, Zhang Youji smile on his face, hanging in the heart of three years of stone finally fell to the ground. "Is worthy of ‘immediately do’ ah, really do it right away, I was too grateful, and now the government to do our business too much help!" Zhang Youji could not conceal his excitement and joy.

coordination to solve the problem of the end of the friends, the team leader Wang and people rushed to the next unit. "Although the time for a large amount of heavy task, but all of the personnel cadres into the enterprise service activities are very seriously, the establishment of" right away "office tonight on everything, to effectively solve the problem of the enterprise is very effective." In the car on the road, Wang told reporters.

Xining city immediately do office was established since May 4th, to tease out the difficult problems involved in the production and operation of enterprises, the formalities for examination and approval, financing and other aspects of the 179, 45 of which have been at the district level or has responsibility to solve. Involving capital, land, personnel and employment, infrastructure, government services and other five aspects of the common problems have been reported to the relevant departments and tracking.


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