Recommend 5 movies for women

female friends like to watch movies, but not all movies are suitable for women, especially for an elegant woman, looking for some nutritious movies, you can cultivate sentiment. Recommend 5 movies for women.

1. The Professional


Su Yuan

2012 8:30 in July 19th, a rainy morning, the little girl Suyuan met a drunk uncle on the way to school, let her uncle an umbrella for him…… The little girl suffered the most damage I cannot bear to think of the past. The matter to her young mind and body caused an indelible hit. At the same time, Su Yuan family also had to bear the pressure from all sectors of society and indifference. But hope is rising in the thorns. Actually, Su Yuan a how again to find life light?

3. furnace

"pot" is suitable for women to see the film, with real happened in Kwangju a deaf handicapped persons school event is modeled, tells the story of the tragedy and the professors of the school and human rights activists with sexual violence triggered by trying to uncover the story behind the scenes, caused the social discussion on protection of vulnerable groups. Though it’s hard to believe, it all happened. A school in hearing impaired scenes is intolerable to the public The case is entirely cleared. For 5 years since 2000, the school’s principals and teachers have imposed varying degrees of sexual violence on students, as well as various forms of abuse. The new art teacher found the school always filled the oppressive atmosphere of unspeakable, and frequently heard from Restroom in women’s screams. The school’s shady gradually exposed the tip of the iceberg, art teachers and human rights activists trying to uncover the hidden violence in the ivory tower, the further spread of the termination of campus tragedy.

4. great hidden

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