Prevention of joining the franchisee to thoroughly understand the franchisee

wants to join the chain industry to open their own entrepreneurial path, realize their wealth plan, if accidentally met not only join in fraud, business failure, is likely to lose everything, so it is important to distinguish the scam.

franchise had let some people go on the road to entrepreneurial success, also let many people lose everything. Market news reporter has repeatedly concerned about the number of franchisees in Jilin cheated experience.

"a few illegal enterprises under the guise of franchising, franchise, fraud, money, MLM entrap investors malicious incidents have occurred, resulting in damage to the interests of investors." 7, Changchun Municipal Bureau of commerce commercial reform and Development Department official told "market report" reporter, in the past, order of our franchise market problems more prominent, mainly in: the franchisee does not have the basic conditions for carrying out the franchise franchisee recruitment activities, there is no registered trademark or business enterprise in less than 1 years to carry out the franchise activities; the franchisee is not disclosed even deliberate deception information specification; both sides do not comply with the franchise business contract, intentional breach of contract etc..


fails to record the maximum penalty of 100 thousand

"market news" reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce Changchun, in accordance with the "Regulations" provisions, the franchisee shall be for the first time since signing a franchise contract within 15 days from the date of registration to the administrative department of Commerce; in the implementation of the regulations has engaged in franchise activities before the franchisee shall, when filing to the administrative department of commerce at before May 1, 2008, the overdue record, the highest will be fined 100 thousand yuan and make a public announcement.

"at present, the" filing system "rules for the implementation of Jilin province are under development, is expected to the recent introduction of related enterprises, Changchun city can put the relevant documents submitted to the Municipal Bureau of Commerce Changchun verification." Relevant person in charge said.


to join the first recommendation

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