Building strategic alliances an important step in product sales

tends to be equal in brand and consumer rights status at the stage of purchase and sale, and is reflected in the service and convenience provided by the brand to consumers. Brands have noticed, because consumers have a strong ability to obtain information and a great choice, so the leading power occupies more and more in the purchase, the result is that consumers are becoming more demanding: on the one hand to realize a new exciting experience; on the other hand, and hope that the network world the advantages (such as real-time access to information and instant gratification) can be integrated into the real world, become reluctant to waste any time. In addition, as long as it is possible, they want to maximize the cost of saving money at the time of purchase.

if the line on shopping involves trivial, or difficult to feel whenever and wherever possible product, obviously it is not a pleasant shopping experience. The greater the unknown the results of their own shopping, the greater the risk of consumer decision-making, as far as possible to reduce the consumer’s decision-making mistakes, to provide the most convenient trial experience, many brands are now committed to one aspect.

Hyundai (modern family shopping) launched a new mobile application H-Codi in May 2012, this is a use of Augmented Reality Technology (Augmented  Reality) to realize the virtual fashion product collocation effect of the procedure. Through this application, customers can almost try or try most of the products of modern home shopping. For example, the program can be obtained by the camera on the smartphone’s face or body image, showing the effect of matching with earrings, tie, handbags and other fashion products. The service can also be used for interior decoration, with a total of about 70 thousand products available for this procedure. Effect pictures can be saved or shared by Cacao  (Talk; Whats  App) or Facebook with friends. This is a great way for consumers to experience.

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