Perth Kutcher coffee shop for business

coffee market prospects are good, it is obvious to everyone, so the coffee shop has become one of the many investors competing to choose one of the items. Many people are interested in joining the Perth Kutcher espresso, here as we introduce business Perth Kutcher coffee shop needs to know what.

Analysis of

Perth Kutcher coffee business:

operating area: 50-100 square meters or so, hire employees: 2-3 for example.

shop fixed investment budget:

decorating fee: 20 thousand

equipment fee: 20 thousand

daily cost budget:

rent: 200 yuan / day

salary: 300 yuan / day

hydropower: 100 yuan / day

food: 200 yuan / day

tax: 50 yuan / day

others: 100 yuan / day

plants: 30 yuan / day

(guaranteed turnover: 1000 yuan / day, $360 thousand / year)

daily turnover budget:

estimated daily traffic of 50 people

per capita consumption of 30 yuan

daily turnover of 1500 yuan ($540 thousand / year)

earnings per day, such as 500 yuan, an annual profit of $180 thousand.

now the consumption of roasted coffee market ushered in the most dazzling light, Paz Kuqi is the best choice of coffee. Interested in our website below the message to get the internal investment information.

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