Put an end to children’s clothing to join the selection of goods on the four errors

when you open up a children’s clothing store, it is about to start selling products. For the clothing store, the correct selection of goods is the focus of the purchase. This will teach you to eliminate some misunderstandings in children’s clothing to join the stock 4 on selected goods.

1. children’s wear high price

solution: value is the price, whether it is worth or value in allowing their sales environment and the strength of the case, to maintain the highest price, product quality also represents the grade and the grade of the store. So when the wholesale price is not enough to see light. Of course, this is only for high-end crowd.

2. children’s wear style less

solution: don’t use their vision to choose, unless they are very experienced people, if the customer and your vision that will measure the opportunity instead of turnover, wholesale in order to sell, regardless of their own love, sell on the line, what to sell can consult the wholesalers, or experienced people

3. children’s wear discount low

all looked the price people will want to be able to get a discount price cheaper, but what a pure digital just a game? The same clothes I want to sell 20, I offer 100 hit 90 percent off, and 22 for 10 percent off, a look that is still out of sheep wool, this deceptive way often misled many consumers, although this is a marketing strategy for the customers, but it is being taken, when people the pursuit of a lower discount, is often put themselves to set in, especially wholesale.


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