What are the store pricing methods

even if the price difference is not much, but if because of the unreasonable pricing, lead customers do not buy it, the store business development will have a great influence. In short, the price is the most sensitive topic for customers to buy products. Generally speaking, people always want to spend the least money to do more things, many stores because of the unreasonable price of the product and lost a large number of customers. Making use of the psychology of people shopping is an effective way to avoid customers’ price and " color " change.

1, low penetration strategy

as a shopkeeper, no matter what kind of pricing strategy, the ultimate goal is to make money, which requires the formulation of the price must be based on the cost, it is impossible to sell below cost. So to keep the competitive price advantage, we should start from the source, large quantities of direct procurement, reduce intermediate links, improve operational efficiency, for manufacturers none other measures, do everything possible to reduce costs.

2, by


at low prices to attract customers to buy a large number of their own products, at the same time, to profit from the related products. At present, many beauty shops will lower the prices of some products in order to attract customers, while other products / services to make a profit.

3, head of low tail method

just " " price; tail; falling slightly to a fall, give people a lot of feeling down. For example, the price of 1980 yuan and the price of $2000 often give people a sense of the level of two, in fact, only a difference of $20, accounting for only 1%.

4, illusion pricing

such as cleaning liquid 500g installed, priced at 93 yuan, and the introduction of a 450g loaded products, priced at $85, a good market, because consumers are sometimes sensitive to weight far below the price. Look carefully will find that the two unit pricing and the latter is not much difference between, slightly higher.

5, seasonal discount

according to the season and the owner of the product consumption time and demand, to decide whether to give discount, discount pricing strategy. Many beauty salons launched " seasonal service month belongs to this type of ". This pricing application properly can not only attract owners, but also can effectively regulate the flow of the off-season too little, common shop is full of customers.

6, psychological pricing strategy

for owners of consumer psychology, many beauty shop love leave a small tail in the price when setting prices, in the sale of the product, mantissa is integer >

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