n 2016 Zhongguancun continued to awesome six leading the transformation of innovation and upgradin

Zhongguancun pioneer for innovation and entrepreneurship, we made the digital effect, make people aware of the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2016, Zhongguancun will continue to awesome six, leading the transformation of innovation and upgrading, young entrepreneurs quickly into action!

"12th Five-Year" period, Zhongguancun’s total economic output doubled, increasing from 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan in 2010 to more than 4 trillion in 2015, 5 years the average annual compound growth rate of 20%, continuing to enhance innovation capability, strong vitality to stimulate entrepreneurship. At present, the six major changes in Zhongguancun is continuing to lead innovation and entrepreneurship to upgrade again.

from the development trend, from Zhongguancun science and technology innovation and the development of emerging industries of international advanced level with runners, into different fields "and run", and even local area "leader" coexist. "12th Five-Year" since, Zhongguancun has been leading the creative achievements of science and technology and industrial development, to achieve a group to change life style, breakthrough and innovation to break the inherent pattern, or even make a difference in the impact of technology industry to subvert the future, these breakthrough innovations mainly in artificial intelligence, computer integrated circuit, bio medicine and other fields.

in the functional requirements, from the reform of system of science and technology field, construction of high-tech industrial base, to promote comprehensive reform pilot innovation, initially built a powerful engine of science and technology innovation center with global influence and new economy. Around the difficulties of entrepreneurship, direct financing difficulties, cross-border mobility of high-end elements such as deep obstacles, and constantly upgrade the financial services of science and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship services, optimize the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

in the target system, from a focus on expanding the scale of industry, industrial structure adjustment, to pay more attention to the quality of innovation and innovation efficiency, pay more attention to the supporting role of innovation on the supply side structural reform. In the national economy overall has entered a new norm under the background of Zhongguancun innovation driven economic development, achieve contrarian.

in the path selection, from the science and technology innovation system mainly depends on the release activity, cultivate the market power, to rely more on demand, entrepreneurship, capital driven and service promotion. 2013, Zhongguancun, an average of about 1.5 hours a new company was born, the average daily birth of a billion yuan enterprises. In 2014, Zhongguancun new tech enterprise more than 1.3, in 2015 more than 2 million, set off a public business, innovation upsurge.

in creating the environment, from the construction of regional innovation ecosystem, to strive to promote the construction of inter regional innovation ecosystem, actively integrate into the global innovation network and become a key hub. Zhongguancun demonstration zone play an active role in the market in the allocation of resources innovation elements, elements of market concentration and smooth flow mechanism, recommended by

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