Anhui guy Repin online who earn a lot of money to apologize

speaking of apology, this is everyone in daily life may encounter things. After all, the existence of such a large group of life, with their own hobbies, it is easy to cause trouble to others. In general, however, an apology is just a matter of saying something that can be solved. But now there is a Anhui guy like this, the choice of apology on the Internet to help people earn money is the key.

recently, a 90 guy opened a home on the Internet to provide special service shops, specifically restricted to apologize, say, that generation and so on the emotional aspects of the service, nearly 5 months, the guy earned 200 thousand.

his name is Lei Bin, a guy in Anhui after 90, in 2013 he opened a special shop on the Internet to provide special services. No one seems to have bought such a service, but in the past 5 months, the store has a turnover of up to 200 thousand.

ray said his career as "emotional engineer", he can provide services include: generation of apology, said to break up generation, generation confession. The apology is also provided with extra projects, such as generation of buyers need to be beaten, plus 500 yuan.

2014 one day in August, when he apologized to the people in Shaoxing, his face was swollen. This is the only time he has been beaten for two years, and most of the people who are still under control, he said.

posted a huge calendar in his desk on the wall, above the full record in May and June of each list every day. Hunan, Shaanxi, Kunming, Shaoxing, and the place where he had been for over a month.

and other shop owner is different, Repin basically everywhere can only use mobile phone orders run around here and there, in response to customer. He said the first thing that the emotional engineer should learn is to listen.

At the end of the month,

5 received a special order to apologize. A guest from Hubei because the legs inconvenient, has no way to worship a dead friend, he found Repin, hope he can go to the friends of his tomb, I am sorry to say.

Tang Li and Hu Junchao is a pair of 90 after the couple, because of a quarrel, the boy left home for a few days did not return. In June 1st, the girls find Repin in the shop, crying out to him, hoping to resolve the contradiction between the and the boyfriend, and pay 2000 yuan deposit. To this end, the thunder Binhua a week, making a lot of "accident" and "coincidence", the two reconciled.

in the current such a rapidly changing society, as long as we want to, almost no business without a market. Therefore recommended

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