Coffee shop door design should pay attention to what

since it is a shop, naturally there will be a shop door, which is a channel for customers to enter the shop. It is clear that the role of the door is to induce people’s attention and interest, stimulate the desire to look into the sense of participation. How to go in, where to go, you need the right import, tell customers, so that customers at a glance. In the design of the coffee shop, the design of the customer’s door is an important part.

will be placed in the central shop shop, or left or right, depending on the specific circumstances of people: large cafe that can be placed in the central part of the small cafe, and placed in the center is not appropriate, because the shop is small, has a direct impact on the free circulation of the actual use of the area and store customer. Small cafes in and out of the door, is not located in the left side is right, it is more reasonable.

from the business point of view, the door should be open, so the design should be considered to do not let customers produce "claustrophobic" and "dark" and other adverse psychological, so as to refuse passengers at the door. Therefore, bright and smooth, with the door echo effect is the best design coffee shop.

shop door design, should also consider the coffee shop window before the road is flat, horizontal or slope; whether the front baffle and the influence of an object or a building facade shop image; color light conditions, noise and light of the sun azimuth etc..

a scientific and rational design, not only with the operator’s personal ideas can be done, but also need to combine a lot of relevant principles. So, if you want to have a coffee shop is recognized by customers in the store door, when the door design need to follow these principles, so that it can make the cafe more to attract customers.

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