Anhui 90 college students venture to get one million angel investment

current social concern for college students continued to improve, from the capital, platforms, channels and other aspects of entrepreneurship for college students to open up a green channel. Recently, a senior student in Anhui, a venture to get millions of angel investment, to encourage the confidence of college students entrepreneurship.

today, Anhui Lianhua industrial group in the meeting hall, by creating cloud Valley and Anhui cattle Investment Limited company of science and technology sponsored by the "love chuangbang product promotion cum million angel investment signing ceremony was held. A 90 Nongda students led the entrepreneurial team, won the graduate Entrepreneurs Association vice president Xia Zhenhua’s million angel investment.

in Liang Zhenqiang’s view, college students are vulnerable groups of society, and college students’ Entrepreneurship failed due to the high rate is entrepreneur’s own ability, many creative and thinking of university students is very active, but not the market practice ability.

"love chuangbang is from the cultivation of College Students’ entrepreneurship practice ability, through entrepreneurial activities, creative products to raise the public, technical training and project Crowdsourcing etc., exercise their practical ability of enterprise. With practical ability, regardless of whether the students in the future employment, or entrepreneurship, the success rate will be greatly improved." Liang Zhenqiang hope, love Bang Bang can develop into the country’s largest entrepreneurial practice platform for college students, the development of the nation’s largest college students into the community, the development of the country’s largest enterprise and campus resources docking platform.

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