Putuo District Youth Entrepreneurs Association Second General Assembly successfully concluded

Shanghai, the city has a large number of young entrepreneurs, is constantly striving for innovation and entrepreneurship. Putuo District Youth Entrepreneurs Association held its second annual general meeting, summed up the achievements of one year, pointing out the direction of future business development.

1 21, Shanghai Youth Entrepreneurs Association held a general meeting of the Putuo District, more than 130 young entrepreneurs from all walks of life in Putuo District to participate in the membership. City Federation vice chairman Gao Kaiyun, district standing committee, United Front Work Department Minister Huang Haiping, Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, education minister Chen Qi, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department, District Federation party secretary Ma Yu, regional Federation vice president Fang Weilin, deputy secretary of the Regional Social Work Committee Mao Caiping and brothers counties young entrepreneurs also attended the meeting.

The president of the newly elected District Green year

After the general assembly /

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