Shi Yuzhu told you to do the product of the ten golden rule

business, nothing more than selling products, where the product can be kind, you can also be a service, whether it is to sell what type of product, must follow certain rules. As everyone knows, Shi Yuzhu is a master of products and marketing, products from the point of view, he is also a deep human users master, he is how to lower cost products sold to the price? In Shi Yuzhu’s only public work so far, "Shi Yuzhu readme: my marketing experience," in which he revealed his experience in the.

1, so that consumers do not feel expensive

For example,

2, number one to grasp the details of

why leaders must grasp the details? The first detail is very important, especially the key details. Second, exemplary role. "Just because I don’t know how to swim, so I catch the details."   Shi Yuzhu said that when he took over the giant network, the tool is to grasp the details: quantitative management, that is, the vast majority of the behavior of the players statistics. Every day, the player behavior analysis. From these statements, we can see the development trend of the game, which is what the players like, which is abandoned, which is a potential.

3, do products to focus on the strength of the advantages, only one thing to do

4, of King

user trial

5, the product is to change the

From the game company


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