taly boss won praise after death will be tens of millions of assets

what kind of boss is a good boss? No matter what the standard, a factory owner in Italy. The boss changed his will before his death, his assets to the staff.

Markee (Piero  Macchi) for the love of wine and machinery, 1957 put a hobby into a business, the establishment of Enoplastic company, engaged in the production of screw cap, wine bottle stopper and bills. The current annual production of 2 billion 500 million bottles of wine stopper, exports more than 80 countries.

Markey died in June last year. Before Christmas, the factory staff suddenly issued a check, new employees have 2000 euros (14411.4 yuan), the old man has 10000 euros (72057 yuan), some workers have more, because they need the money that machiavelli.

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