Ji’nan college students to carry out electricity supplier forum activities

now almost as long as the Internet, everyone can do electricity supplier. In fact, the real e-commerce is not as simple as imagined. Ji’nan City College Students Entrepreneurship Forum activities, through the combination of strategic cooperation, training of practical talent really.

in the Fangshan power Agel Ecommerce Ltd what seems in the background of national call "public entrepreneurship, innovation", 180 thousand college students of 10 universities in Changqing University of science and technology park is the nature of entrepreneurship, innovation can not be overlooked. To support students’ entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and exploiting the potential of the star project, western union power will with 33 entrepreneurial public courses, 20 senior mentors, 3000 online training courses and 40 projects to raise the public, into the Changqing University of science and technology park more than 10 colleges and universities, open entrepreneurship campus tour. It can be said that mentors, projects and funds have been prepared, and so on aspiring students to come to the challenge.

as the electricity supplier services put forward the fourth party e-commerce platform in the first, in the forum site, western union power signed with Zhongguancun Software Park Training Center, Shandong Post Company, West high tech agriculture, to achieve the integration of resources, the combination of. In the view of Western power, the electronic commerce Chinese after ten years of development, has gone through network marketing, electronic commerce, electronic commerce and Internet plus four stages. The fourth party service platform to build the professional open, western union power, cross-border integration, is precisely to the traditional enterprises and business partners to provide a one-stop service solution.

Entrepreneurship Week into a college tour

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