Analysis on the development of furniture industry

Home Furnishing life not lack of all kinds of furniture, now how the market development status of the furniture industry, it and the whole network Xiaobian together to see. Furniture market is about to enter the traditional off-season, the high cost of upstream, so many furniture companies feel the pressure, some businesses choose to ease prices.

furniture into prices expected

new mahogany standard August implementation of

Jiade furniture auction 170 million yuan to close the hammer

5 on the evening of 13 August 8 at the beginning of the "Guardian auction SHENGRI youth – classical furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasty set Jane special, 170 million yuan to complete closing of the hammer, turnover rate as high as 94%. Among them, the heavyweight furniture collections, known to most large, single board case the table — one of the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty pear large single board Alice in the first case, to 32 million 200 thousand yuan topped.

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