t’s better to open a breakfast shop

do you know why the health and nutrition community is calling for breakfast? It is because of the pressure of life, do not eat breakfast more and more people, so will have to eat breakfast appeal. According to the survey, there are seven or eight people to eat less than workers in the morning, to go to the street to see a lot of people in a hurry to buy a hamburger and pancakes and bread in the roadside stalls do things carelessly, potential business opportunities have much visible business breakfast, so if a breakfast shop where the business is good?

a, traffic points

in the morning is the busiest time of the traffic, such as the bus station, subway stations, train stations and other key points are morning people gathered most places, if you can set the breakfast shop in these places, plus the craft stand up every morning to greet the hustle and bustle of large crowds crowd, businesses must not be bad.

if your shop just opened in the near the station that is better, people in the other car, may be the nearest buy breakfast in your shop; or in the car at the bus station near the station to buy, in any case, the establishment of the breakfast shop, I believe more than in other parts of the business to better.

two, community residential

is not suitable for every store to open in residential areas, but it is very suitable for breakfast, early in the morning, the students will walk home near the school to go to school, if not to eat breakfast at home, of course, will be home near the breakfast shop to eat breakfast, wait until after the student crowd, is working hours the mother is, again, ready to go out to buy food time.

in residential areas, mostly the same neighborhood, and can understand the guests, and guests can establish a good relationship, so the breakfast shop opened in residential areas, it would be easy to have cooked guests, in this way, fixed source and it is very easy to set up.

three, market geography


market is also a lot of people usually choose to open breakfast shop, because eat breakfast and buy something, are all morning to do, many housewives used after buying food, can food market nearby to eat something, or take back to my family to eat breakfast.

four, cultural and educational institutions in the peripheral

busy modern life, there is no time for breakfast, morning to catch students, if there is no breakfast in their own community, they will consume in the vicinity of the school, many in the school near the shops or stalls so busines. But now the school is also very high rents outside the store.

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