Know how to thank customers for business

is now a lot of operators can not be properly placed in their own position, the attitude taken by customers is a big problem. In fact, as a retail business for many years, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all customers who have visited or did not patronize my shop.

it is because of you – a lot of new and old customers to take care of, our business can continue, we have a basic guarantee of life. The customer is my boss, my friend, is my family and leadership.

customer is my boss, give me pay, bonus, commission, overtime pay. The stability of the old customers in charge of wages, the absorption of new customers to give me a bonus, the customer brought their friends to give me a commission, in the middle of the night to buy the door to buy salt on behalf of the customer, give me overtime pay. So I want to thank the customer, thank the boss, you give me three meals a day, for my winter clothes.

customers are friends, goods good or bad, friends judge. The date of goods is not good, you will always remind me to change; a new flavor snacks, you asked me as soon as possible on the goods; prices fell again, you will be the first to advise me to price adjustment; manufacturers into the black, you will help me immediately under the plane. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your friend, is that you teach me every day of the three provinces of their body, always check the goods three.

customer is loved, you chatter, leads me to the quality of the goods not sloppy; you make me unhappy, questioning his service; you chuckle, make me a glimpse of the inside your heart, your smile, I saw the most beautiful scenery. Thank you, my dear, for you to shine, I want to spend all the mind, just to make you a brilliant smile.

customer is a leader, a comprehensive evaluation of my performance. The shelf dust is absolutely not, not put beauty goods does not affect the mood, the delay time, the attitude is not good business etiquette, not last week. Thank you, thank you taught me the leadership, and actively carry out criticism and self-criticism; you encourage me to forge ahead and strive to make progress, you push me to do a honest, responsible, self-motivated, have a high level of four businessman.

no customers, no matter what kind of business is actually no way to stick to it. Thanks to the customers, you are an indispensable part of my life and business. Thanks for all the customers, you are a mirror of life, let me see you all right and wrong; your life is a mirror, let me read the best of the world all the beauty and ugliness.

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