Start empty handed idea raising Rex million years into the disabled

now this society, only the idea and work hard, even penniless, can start empty-handed, millions of years into, the following is a good example.

maroul it only has more than 2 thousand rabbits, how can provide 100 thousand pieces of rabbit, more than and 200 tons of meat? It has to start with an idea he had 10 years ago.

when maroul small suffering from polio, because the family was poor, permanent disability, has over thirty years of age is still not out of poverty without a single success. In 1997 the local government to encourage farmers to engage in farming out of poverty, but on the fan Bai Pian Huan tal offering training Mou this flag long polyester chip trampled to death for cutting Ci Wu?

maroul wife   Yang Ping said: "propaganda rabbit, cows, greenhouse vegetables, and he said the cows build up the family fortunes, so he couldn’t pull the rabbit, the rabbit small he could carry, so choose a rabbit."

maroul 4 years of raising rabbits, because there is no local habit of eating rabbit, rabbit meat price, not worth the money, and not earn money. Just as he was about to give up his rabbit, in the spring of 2001, a message to the Henan provincial rabbit was changed.

he listened to the friend said Rex Rabbit business operations per kilogram of market price to sell 20 yuan, with 1 kg less than 8 yuan compared to simply astronomical rabbit.

raise money for raising Rex, cheap Maraul sold the house in the rabbit, and from a friend borrowed 20 thousand yuan in Shanxi in 1, the price of 240 yuan, into the purchase of 200 rabbits.

benefits from the rex rabbit body, maroul more active. Since there is no local rabbit drugs, in November 2001, he went to Henan, Zhengzhou, specialized in the purchase of vaccines for the prevention of rabbits.

maroul wife Yang Ping: ">  

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