Xiaobian Zhizhao Florist need to pay attention to what matters

in recent years, the prevalence of micro entrepreneurship, both small business. Open a small flower shop into small, back to Ben, is a good choice for small business. So how to open a flower shop? Need to pay attention to what matters? Xiao Bian here to share with you a few trick.

: general area of a few square meters can rent lots vary, the most expensive gate, generally rent in more than 1000 yuan, and Simon residential area is relatively cheap, generally around 800 yuan.

Input: remove the rent, decoration, for the first time to buy flowers, wrapping paper of 3000 yuan to purchase every day after spending a few hundred yuan.

varieties: azalea, lily, orchid, pineapple etc. but not the more the better, too busy to attend to all, to pay attention to fashion and season, especially on holidays, in addition to flowers and green plants, can operate a small jewelry, dried flowers, flower fruit basket "combination products".


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