Heavy rain hit the southern pig industry hit

a few days ago, Lu’an farmers were forced to abandon the 6000 pigs news frequently by major media brush frequency, in the storm, many farmers had to reluctantly part. In short, the flood and rainstorm two words become the two major focus of the domestic pig industry, the South suffered flood attacks, not only brought no small loss to the local people’s personal safety and property safety, we also concern the pig industry almost brought the crowning calamity!

it is understood that, as of now, storm flood has resulted in more than ten provinces and cities including Anhui, Hunan, Jiangsu, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Guangxi, the farms are subject to different degrees of loss, these areas of the pig or soak in the water, or have been washed away, the survivors scanty.

scourge hit serious

7 2 day at 3:30 in the afternoon, the storm raid Yunnan Huaning, black two farms suffered floods in the ningzhou street Ma’anshan community egg village LAOHUDONG, flood embankment into the farm on the banks of the river in two rows of 36 submerged pigsty, 119 pigs, 31 head away, more than and 580 trees in full fruit period pear washed the reel right and left.

Hubei Xiaogan Dawu County high iron economic area of nearly 3 million yuan in direct economic Hongyun farms, July 1st morning 9 when the rising flood water instantaneous farms up to three meters, more than 580 of all pigs, sows were all more than 50, drowned last up to eight hours and the flood swept away, all electrical equipment and materials in all fields was washed away and drowned.

as a similar news after the pig people meet the eye everywhere, after nearly three years of losses, have been "exhausted", finally looked forward to a "golden pig year", want to earn money, the disaster comes, let all hope to be a part of the pig who all affected a mirage.

will help after the disaster? Hog prices are up or down?

In fact, before the

meteorological department and related media on flood disaster in South China had warned farmers come prepared, one part of the pig take measures, and a part of the pig people didn’t pay attention to relevant information.

so, in a disaster, the relevant departments at all levels is a pig of "life rescue", for the transfer of the trapped pig with shovels and other tools, to maximize the reduction of economic losses of farmers. So, after such a disaster, what is the problem we need to think and solve it?

bio security requires strict control of

as everyone knows, rainstorm and flood in the south by recommended strong rainfall

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