On the road to success of grassroots entrepreneurs

own business year, there is no strong background as entrepreneurs rely on, but there are many grassroots entrepreneurs by virtue of their own strength has been recognized, has made some achievements, it is worth celebrating.

Today is

No. 1 as an example, a typical venture project of Guangzhou local initiation of the "Internet plus transportation industry, from its foundation to the market characteristics to founder the success path, to analyze the basic characteristics of typical southern entrepreneurs — really low-key.

start from the grassroots

he is already the grassroots identity, the lack of necessary burst point, is also engaged in a day and the service industry practitioners of grassroots social drivers with the industry, want to through the media to get the attention of the investors is difficult to achieve.

and other grassroots entrepreneurs, can choose only to participate in various business competition and roadshows with industrious self exposure increases the likelihood of absorbing capital. Fortunately, Liu Wenbo caught up with the Guangdong Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, which is organized by the Guangdong Provincial Communist Youth League and other relevant units jointly organized the largest and the highest level of innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the winners will receive not only the bonus and financing support, it is more important in the province and even across the country to increase their exposure. Improve visibility. This development of the start-up team, has a great role in promoting.

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