Emotional marketing so popular nostalgia

although people have now know that nostalgia is indeed a very good business opportunities, but how to use, what kind of marketing, but it is not clear. So in the end what kind of marketing should be able to play the best effect? Let Xiaobian to bring everyone together with the following.

24 hours nostalgic restaurant, mainly by the extension of time and personality positioning to win benefits. 24 hours a day, according to the day to receive the customer of the night, the night of the reception of 150 people, the average consumption of 10 yuan per person, the daily sales of $3000, according to the gross margin of 30, the profit of $900 a day, the monthly turnover of 27000 yuan.

remove the rent 4000 yuan, taxes 1000 yuan, 1000 yuan utilities, labor cost: Chef 4 per month salary of 2000 yuan or 8000 yuan, the waiter 8 people 400 yuan monthly salary of 3200 yuan, other expenses 200 yuan, monthly net profit of 9600 yuan, the annual profit of more than 110 thousand yuan.

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