Analysis of how to promote the use of group buying site to prepare for pre

after a period of time to find, the website contact can be found, including telephone, QQ, EMAIL, address. To learn more about the need for a more detailed way to contact the customer service staff to understand the network, the best line contact. On my understanding of several sites in the afternoon, the main summary of the following points on the issue of cooperation and buy network promotion:

1, do not do online product group, only to do the next line entities, such as handle network, only Beijing, Shanghai do online group, the rest of the city site requires a physical store, the customer to the store from mentioning. Or do not do mall cooperation.

2, group purchase network belongs to the vertical category, such as collecting network, do catering, hotel vertical group, the other will not consider.

3, buy mainly catering, tourism, hotels, less physical.

4, in the selection of group purchase website, major difficult, or even difficult to ignore the general line contact. While the station popularity and standardization problems.

online contact a few 10 buy network, only two or three replies to understand the process of purchasing supply cooperation, there are differences between the following processes are as follows:

1, merchants and buy network contact to talk about good goods and prices.

, 2 samples (see major general requirements related to the business license, proof of goods etc.).

3, agreed price, shelves.

4, delivery (different mission delivery is not the same, there is a network to buy hair, or the business of their hair. Some are issued every day is the end of the group re issued)

5, customer receipt confirmation, buy money.

according to the understanding of the three ways to buy cooperation:

1, direct cooperation of goods in the sale of goods at the same time exposure and brand information.

2, coupons to buy, through the sale of coupons in the way to buy the network to attract the flow of late sales transformation.

3, lucky gift, through the network to buy cheap or free sweepstakes to send gifts to attract users to the mall to try to buy.

, for example, the mall mall official promotion of foreign sales, you can buy in the network launched a one yuan package mall 100 yuan coupons in the group page to indicate practical methods to guide the flow of shopping and stimulating registration. (this is just a rough way)

combined with the site to buy the site and e-commerce website mall, the overall can be achieved and buy site cooperation several purposes:

1, improve the mall brand awareness and exposure rate, especially the new mall like meatballs bag.

2, if it is a commodity cooperation will directly increase product sales.

3, if it is to buy through coupons and other ways to stimulate the registered members.

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