Price war to warm up the crowd hold for what

with the advent of the Dragon Boat Festival and Jingdong 6· 18 of the near future, the price war of the war has been from the initial few giants of the war of words evolved into a variety of electricity supplier battle. More and more businesses to join, so that this premeditated electricity supplier farce increasingly difficult to clean up. This is not the last year, a East casually, I’m sorry, you can quickly end the.

is only just let the Thanksgiving holiday?

?In June

entered the electricity supplier industry has been filled in holiday promotions, price rebate anniversary atmosphere, Jingdong ten years anniversary to a big rebate promotions can understand, it triggered a "slobber war", Suning, Gome, Amazon, Dangdang, Yi Xun, a follower is not really planned really, still waiting in the wings to seek a better chance to make a rapid traffic bonus, join the irremediable chaos. Can return to the war to make points, discounts, promotions, anniversary, to send, send send large…… The slogan is a shout out to play, or really, I am afraid to wait until the end of June "a certain data show total price war let consumers know how much".

but from the military layout, which is quite wonderful, unlike last year, several big guns took the wind who played in it, is joyous, but always see real action. This year, the War reached an unprecedented scale, add a lot of momentum for the price war. Since the light like "after the words" signs and shouting slogans, we’ll finally jumped into the sea". After Tmall, "one of two" problem, the United States settled Tmall, Konka, OPPO millet to join, join, or even eBay, BlueNile and other overseas business giants have entered the war, the unprecedented huge "price war" was "an electricity supplier Festival Double eleven" outside of


famous so important?

saw the war a variety of businesses, some every day to send 9999 to send some gold coins, and is said to have come up with 400 million consumers and merchants settled, I was wondering, what makes them so mustering the effort to make price war? 366EC electronic commerce market department to the author revealed that e-commerce is different from the traditional shopping malls. "Price war is the only powerful means of" war of words "is the purpose of each bosom. 366EC market observers Mr. Cao said: "on the electricity supplier war, insiders have a view: when everyone singing, you’re not singing, can only be forgotten; even if only a little tongue, too hard to play, make up the scenes. Behind the price war, the electricity supplier who earned the attention of netizens, said bluntly, just let go of any known or the opportunity to enhance the reputation."

in fact, at every electricity supplier war, will be more or less to change the industry competition pattern, who always does not call the electricity supplier, will be gradually marginalized. We look back, last year experienced 6·, 18, 8·,, double, double 12>

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