The people in the network the webmaster should be the most popular way to promote

since December 26th in the network to finish email marketing, a friend asked me a question of "Twelve network marketing", the most important of which is a way of marketing, search engine marketing it.

if I say twelve kinds of network marketing which is important, I tell you, as long as the use of good is very important. But which one is more important, I personally think that the soft marketing. Search engine marketing now with a lot of people, nearly 60% people are looking for something with a search engine, Baidu, GOOGLE and so on, but compared with the marketing, it is just a drizzle, this sentence may be directly injured some are doing optimization of a friend, but I really want to express here is that if you take marketing well, no matter your rankings or your personal popularity or sales of your products will "fly".

, of course, the more difficult the more difficult to do the soft Wen marketing is not so easy, you may have seen a lot of online to say a few major elements of soft marketing, several major skills, several major policy. But I personally think that this is something to your basic skills training, the basic work is writing, the belly to fill in the "ink". Difficult, absolutely difficult. What is needed is a comprehensive quality. Such as the application of language, the expression of words, logical thinking ability, etc.. But as long as the effort to, and insist on it, so many Chinese characters you have learned, but also afraid to write a few articles in the Chinese version of it, ha ha, a joke!

estimates that there are now some people quit, off the browser, if you’re not close the browser, you said to me in doubt, marketing really so God?

search engine marketing will not be unfamiliar to me, I’ll take the search engine marketing to do a comparison. Search engine marketing is through the search engine to get good rankings, so that more people click to enter the site. The limitation is that optimizing the number of words, if a word is hot now, who can guarantee that no more than half a year or one year after his hot words, even if you choose the word optimization do good, that is up to 3 to 5 words will be ranked, but don’t forget a thing, a lot of people for a word, the competition is very difficult, and people will end in search of something is not the time to search for a word. Then your site will be displayed once to the viewer, unless you stand in the same website as he has seen the best, he will stop.

marketing you can publish in the industry more famous site, take the webmaster, webmaster often is a few more, more influential website, because good content and data. In this website published the soft benefits summarized into three points: 1, the search engine speed, just a few hours may be included, one of my posts is the fastest two hours; 2, reprint rate is high, good things to have, the high quality of the article is to every site. This is one of the reasons, many well-known collection website article website; 3, browse volume >

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