Baidu box behind the product level is a good product


Box Computing proposed the concept of a year ago, Robin Li publicly introduced Box Computing time for example, for example you box input "Hangzhou weather" in search, Baidu will determine whether you need to know the weather in Hangzhou recently, directly in the first search results in the next few days the weather in Hangzhou the show, rather than general search that give you links to other websites.

a year later, Baidu has a new frame of product form, Baidu open platform, this time Baidu "frame" is more obvious, search for "DouBan FM", will first appear directly in the search results of DouBan FM, and played directly on the page, you do not have to click on the link to the official website search; "Lianliankan", direct the emergence of a "Lianliankan" FLASH game, you can directly in the search results page to start to play.

from the perspective of the user experience, this presentation allows the user really reduced at least one click, with Robin Li said to let users spend the least time cost to find what you need most. However, as a part of Box Computing, has just released the "Baidu open platform" was the previous Box Computing model has a small but there is difference in essence, such as your search box to enter the "storm" in Baidu, out of the first result is the latest storm, and the official free download "here is a big" official download "button, the user wants to download or to go to the official website to storm, and now users search" DouBan FM "is not required from the search results Click to enter Douban, in other words, the last frame, is the content index and core applications (such as download) path to the box came in but, now, is the product to the box came in. And not only that, in the box in the upper right corner of the product, there is a big "+" button after you click, requires login, after login, application will add to your Baidu account in "Baidu application" to me. Basically, Baidu application home page is a APPSTORE.

a, from the product point of view, Baidu application is a good product

purely from the product point of view, Baidu is indeed a very good product. A "connection" to his famous article "WEB Internet" is dead, eternal life has foreshadowed the future will be APP times, Baidu this time very fast, in the past, Baidu has been plagued by the problem itself as the low viscosity of the search engine, so in the direction, the direction of e-commerce community has been trying to explore, but whether you are community or electronic commerce are not successful, because the search itself and the core business combination are not looking for good.

but this time, Baidu open platform is a good strategy and development of the core search Box Computing combined, on the one hand can make good use of Baidu search technology based on the user requirement calculation, on the other hand, can be applied directly through the station to prevent users jump off the site. This pair

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