Online shop new ideas become an inevitable trend of independent shop

online shop is now a very hot topic, the rapid development of the Internet in China, to the Chinese Internet users to bring unlimited business opportunities and entrepreneurial inspiration. Online shop, a group of people who want to have entrepreneurial dreams one of the preferred channels to earn a pot of gold on the internet. The biggest feature of the Internet is convenient, she greatly changed people’s way of life. The online shop to the sustainable development of a very important aspect is to depend on you love sitting at home, will be able to buy the things they need, but the SOHO family is keen on online shop. Therefore, online shop, not only to meet people’s needs, but also to meet people’s entrepreneurial desire.

Definition of

online shop

online shop refers to the operator (usually referred to as the seller, the owner) to establish their own web site or through third party platform, the product is displayed on the network to show customers. When the product is released, it can also publish the pictures, price, quantity, features, advantages, performance, quality, value, function and so on. Then leave contact and payment on the Internet, both mutual contact, trust, and after the goods have sufficient understanding, then buyers to online bank transfer or the way with the owner for the sale of the entire process to reach a deal. After the transaction, you can also evaluate the goods.

online shop in the past model

mentioned online shop, I believe that many users will think of Taobao, eBay, pat, ah, and so the application to open an online shop. Yes, this is the past shop mode. Taobao, pat and other trading platform was born, making the way people shopping and channels have undergone tremendous changes. Open an online shop in these platforms, the release of goods, buyers advice, orders, payment, delivery, confirm receipt, confirm payment, evaluation, so a set of processes, so simple. You can full-time or part-time, earn more money, you have at least a preliminary entrepreneurial experience, profit returns. In the past few years, these platforms in the development of robust, online shopping market, shop market is gradually mature, but also created a large number of millionaires.

online store future model

with the increasing number of stores in the third party platform, the shop has innumerable, consumers want to find a shop has been difficult to meet their requirements in Taobao or pat on the inside. Is not a small number, but the shop more dazzling, and the layout of the same layout of these shops, stereotyped style templates, user experience extreme fatigue. For the shop owner, the competitiveness of their own shop has dropped significantly. If you do not pay for the third party platform, your shop is difficult to have the opportunity to show, so it is difficult to find your shop customers. Moreover, after all, the shop is open on the third party platform, the use of templates are provided by the third party platform, the appearance of the selection was greatly limited. And can not be free to edit the shop page, and product pages, is not conducive to the promotion of the shop.

so what’s the way to break the situation? Yes, that’s an independent shop

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