E rent treasure from financial leasing P2P tricky exposure slowing expansion transformation

  reporter Chen Zhi Shanghai reported

over the past month, investors have not reduced the pressure of capital redemption." One involved in financial leasing asset securitization P2P agency official said. He believes that he is also an indirect victim of e rent treasure incident.

previously, e rent treasure has been advertised himself belongs to financial leasing P2P business model, because of its alleged illegal fund-raising investigation by the police, many investors will finance lease P2P and self financing behavior equate withdrawal of hedge funds.

, in turn, thinking, e rent treasure event also contributed to the development of financial leasing class P2P business return to healthy development." The person in charge of the above mentioned. Previously, many Internet financial institutions operating mode is similar to the e rent treasure, more will be leasing P2P business as a gimmick to attract investors, e rent treasure after the outbreak, many institutions began to transition to P2P compliance management.

, the agency responsible for that, the restructuring of the road is quite difficult, one is that the economic slowdown, coal mining, infrastructure and other industries leasing project is facing serious operational risks, P2P a little attention will step on mine; on the other hand with the asset side of the increasingly fierce competition, resulting in high-quality lease assets become scarce, many P2P mechanism to ensure the low risk of bad debts, required to sacrifice the cost of business growth.

self financing "Maoni" exposure

with the P2P mechanism of competition, high-quality borrowers are becoming scarce resources, rapid growth is not enough to support its business; on the other hand, P2P institutions to absorb more borrowers and reduce the risk control audit threshold, will face a higher rate of bad debts.

compared to the financial leasing class P2P business investment security, as many P2P institutions continue to attract investors, rapid expansion of asset management tool.

in the trading model, financial leasing company as the borrower, the equipment leased to the lessee enterprise, and the lessee equal monthly principal and interest receivable as the loan guarantee, and the equipment property pledged to the P2P organization, and registered in the people’s Bank of Chinese subordinate board network. Engaged in leasing business real company will insure the equipment leasing, even if the device is lost or damaged by the insurance company for compensation, and the sale of equipment company signed a repurchase agreement for fast processing equipment. Therefore, compared to other modes of a single layer of wind control security, financial leasing models are borrowing institutions, the lessee, the equipment to protect the security of the three layers of investor funds. Even if the closure of the lease business, financial leasing companies have closed down, the platform can also recover investment through processing equipment.


P2P agency responsible person said, in the actual operation process, many P2P organizations rent treasure "cry up wine and sell vinegar" approach in the follow e, namely through the establishment of related financial leasing companies, leasing P2P products false issued by the latter, to achieve self financing purpose. < >

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