Expert comments personal website registration from stop to reopen due reflection

according to the "Beijing Evening News" and other media, reported yesterday, the Ministry of communications around the Administration issued a notice to further implement the site record information authenticity verification work. In the notice of registration and verification involves trial program clearly stipulates that the individual is qualified sponsor website; at the same time, the website for the record will need to be responsible for submission of color full faced photo.

of the Ministry in the further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record at the same time, a clear personal office website, should be regarded as an important adjustment of the Internet once tightening policy. Prior to this, in order to strengthen the domain name registration information audit work, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has issued a notice requirement, from 9 a.m. on December 14, 2009, stop the individual user CN domain name registration. From the individual cannot apply for CN domain name registration to confirm the person is qualified sponsor website, fully reflects the rational management of the Internet, but in this process, it is necessary to reflect on our Internet management mentality and method.

should be said that in the Internet age, the existence of personal websites is a necessity. The Internet is an open and equal platform for information exchange, and the personal application and maintenance of the website is one of the most important forms of internet. But in the end the individual user CN domain name registration only after more than 2 months to make adjustments, this one relates to hundreds of millions of Internet users, Chinese tens of millions of domestic domain user policies, whether in advance have enough careful and thoughtful consideration? The fact is that we can see this, to regulate the network through rectification the compressed personal website living space way policy also affects CN domain reputation to a great extent. Early suiwei, registration of international domain name in Chinese a sudden surge in the number of domain names, CN sharp is an example.

we must admit that the Internet is not completely clean, nor can it be seen as a management vacuum. Currently in the domain name registration process does not exist in the registration information is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete, there are many personal websites are also spread illegal and harmful information and other issues exist. But it is clear that to strengthen the management of the Internet and the purification is necessary, but it does not mean that depending on the individual website as great scourges, nor should it give up.

from the point of view of the future, we should take this personal website management as a lesson to learn detours. Our mentality and methods of Internet management should also be more in line with the development of the times, adapt to the reality of technological progress and social structure changes. The personal website needs to be standardized, the existing problems in the website also needs renovation, but the specification and regulation must be based on respect for individual, respect social desire, respect the basic characteristics of network communication and the basic principle as the premise. In the rapid development of the network society, the development of individual rights in the face of social reality, across the board, is not a correct way.

in the society to progress, civil society is also in constant development, need the government in the formulation of public policy more scientific and rational.

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